you'll only bury bones




Is there a girl version of bara??? B/c that's me

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Ken Kaneki (金木 研) - Ep 3

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happy end of july pedal ^ o ^

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From 承太郎と仗助 - うみを

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i… like flower crowns…

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scenario: the scouting legion goes outside the walls for a few months on a mission but they have no supplies to cut their hair with (theyre not going to use their swords for HAIRCUTTING, what if titans appear????) so. long hair. wavy hair. yesssss

levi picks up the habit of running his hands thru his hair and scratching absentmindedly when hes irritated

and jean’s hair-dying secret is revealed

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We aren’t human. We are ghouls.

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cute x2

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If you tell me you’re going to sleep and I see you 10 minutes later on Tumblr, I understand completely.

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Kuroo Tetsurou & Kozume Kenma - The Setter & The Middle Blocker

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thirteen days of fullmetal alchemist
↳ day 03: favorite episode | death of the undying

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So the firefighter and chef scene killed me and makoharu lunch dates behind Haru’s restaurant

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ive been thinking about stuf.f.. 

its hard to cut hair with a gas mask onz

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i went into persona 4 thinking yosuke and chie would be my faves, but holy shit i love kanji so so much


uh just drawing johnny again 

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