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im currently super into Tokyo ghoul, barakamon, jojo's bizarre adventure and persona 4 (plz talk 2 me about these things!!!!)

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Australians get so confused during winter half of the population looks like they have 6 layers on and are ready to hibernate at any given moment the other half is wearing shorts and singlets saying “it’s not even that cold mate” every ten seconds

The best part is that these halves share the same space.

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↳ Kaneki + wind

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I stil can’t believe this.

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bless swimming jesus

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弱ペダログ③ by FILA
※Permission to upload was granted by artist. 
Please do not remove the source/re-upload.

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sad graduating pool nerds

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Stop being stupid, Crappy Oikawa. I’m shutting the club room doors, so get out of here, Trashykawa.

Please don’t abbreviate your insults!

Trashy Oikawa!

You don’t have to correct it!

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Haru Being a Little Tsundere (¬‿¬)

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(K-on!) Nakano Azusa- electric guitar | x
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